A vote for Christine is a vote for:

Medicare for ALL

Financial Economic Relief

Racial Justice

Immigration Reform

Climate Change

Ending War NOW!

and so much more........

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"I will fight for policies that will enhance and advance the lives of our constituents; young and old, free and imprisoned, citizen and immigrant."

-Christine Olivo

Increased Funding for Education

Increased Funding for Public Housing

Increased Funding for Small Businesses

Medicare for All

"It is shameful to say that we live in a country that makes a profit off of saving lives."

-Christine Olivo

Policy Points:

  • Establish a Single-Payer Medicare for all system in America with completely free coverage.


  • Eliminate deductibles, Co-pays, premiums and other unethical and unreasonable costs.


  • Break up big pharmaceuticals and lower the cost of drug prices such as insulin by 50%.

  • No supplemental insurance

  • This plan will include coverage for long term care as well. 


How the American people benefit:

  • Everyone has healthcare! No matter where you work or how much you make.

Financial Economic Relief

"Millions are unemployed and facing eviction. We need $2,000 survivor checks now!"

-Christine Olivo

Policy Points:

  • During Covid-19, fight for a 2k per month and $500 per child stimulus package. 

  • Eliminate the IRS filing requirement.

  • Sustain small businesses by providing on going financial support.

  • Make both the PPP and the EIDL 100% forgivable. 

  • Moving forward, create an ongoing financial relief program that provides $1000 a month to every eligible American and $500 per child. (Eligibility requirements will be based on income)


How the American people benefit:

  • The relief of financial stress.

  • Businesses will thrive. 

  • Our economy will begin to recover. 

Racial Justice

"None of us are free until all of us are free!"

-Christine Olivo

Policy Points:

  • Reparations must be the first priority.

    • Included in the bill must be programs to address property and land ownership, strengthening the education system and bridging the wealth gap.  ​

  • Legalize marijuana and expunge the records of those that were previously convicted of marijuana offenses. 

  • End cash bail.

  • Create a Federal police review board. 

  • End qualified immunity and establish a law that allows civilians to press charges on police officers. 


How the American people benefit:

  • Liberty and justice for ALL!

Climate Change

"It is in all of our best interests to save our planet, unless you plan to move to Mars."

-Christine Olivo

Policy Points:

  • Vote for and enact the Off Act and the Green New Deal which will ensure that we have 100% renewable energy and remove all carbon emissions by 2030. These will also ban fracking, end the use of fossil fuels and create a Federal jobs guarantee to implement the new infrastructure. 

  • Establish a climate education program for children starting in middle school and up. 

  • Working with local nonprofits and student environmental groups to create a river clean up program.

  • Restore and protect our coral reefs by advocating for incentives for agricultural reform. 


How the American people benefit:

  • We will begin to repair the damage made to our planet.

  • We will breathe fresh air and drink clean water. 

  • Education is key to stopping the cycle of pollution. 

  • Coral Reefs are a major tourist attraction that generates over $8.5 billion dollars for the state of Florida alone. We can protect our revenue by saving the coral reefs. 

Immigration Rights

"Diversity and inclusion are the fabric of our country."

-Christine Olivo

Policy Points:

  • Create a clear path to citizenship.


  • Ensure that all TPS and DACA recipients obtain permanent residence immediately.


  • Abolish immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) and create a safeguard to prevent another agency similar to ICE. 


  • Ensure that all TPS and DACA recipients have access to all of the social programs that permanent residents do.

How the American people benefit:

  • Justice for humanity.

  • Ending division and increasing cultural intelligence.

  • This will create a more functioning society.

End War Now

"My grandma used to say, never go into someone else's house to clean when your house is a mess."

-Christine Olivo

Policy Points:

  • End all regime change wars (wars that are meant to overthrow a country's leader).


  •  Bring all of our troops home from Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan.


  • Decrease our military spending by 50% (This would still leave us with by far the strongest military on earth).


  • Encourage Bilateral Diplomacy (where we all get something out of the deal).


  • End the devastating economic sanctions on other nations.

  • End proxy wars (wars instigated by the US). 

  • Establish a Department of Peace to ensure a diplomacy first approach to foreign policy. 


How the American people benefit: