Criminal Justice and Prison Reform 


  • End cash bail.

  • Pay living wage for labor. 

  • End solitary confinement 

  • Free correspondence for inmates

  • Free sanitary products 

  • Medicare for All for every inmate

  • Minimum wage ($15 per hour) for all inmates who are required and/or want to work

  • Abolish private prisons

  • Require body cameras and require an independent investigation if not in use

  • Give every inmate an opportunity to obtain a free, quality high school, college (up to grad school), and/or trade school education

  • Improve food quality for all food offered in prisons

  • Provide transportation for children visiting parents in jail/prison free of charge, at least twice per month

  • Expand recreational services/activities 

  • Sentencing/conviction/representation reform 

  • Abolish cash bail

  • End mandatory minimums 

  • Abolish the death penalty 

  • Ban the practice of charging juveniles as adults for any crime

  • Legalize marijuana, decriminalize all other drugs, and expunge all records related to such offenses

  • Properly fund public defender offices 

  • Establish a maximum number of cases that can be handled at one time by any one public defender

  • Guarantee a public defender for anyone who cannot afford an attorney, free of all monetary charges

  • Guarantee an attorney to represent anyone who cannot afford one, free of monetary charge, for any civil matters/cases

  • Free house arrest services for those with the option

  • Ensure a fair, just appeals process 

  • Ban employers from holding someone’s past criminal history against them after release 


How the American people benefit:

Labor Rights

  • End Right to Work (include our policies for Unions)


  • End Employment at Will laws


  • Living wage (between $20-$25)


  • 25 hour work week to be considered full-time


  • Maternal/Paternal leave


  • Labor laws should extend to Grad students


  • Establish laws that promote democracy in the workplace

    • Require that a certain number of corporations’ boards are made up of lower and middle level employees (not upper management); I would say at least half.

    • Promote/fund/encourage worker co-ops as opposed to the “normal” business/small business structure.


  • Prohibit CEOs and other corporate executives from making 10 times more than what the lowest level employee makes.

How the American people benefit:

LGBTQ+ Equal rights and protection



How the American people benefit:

Military Reform 


  • Some of the money retained by reducing the military budget should go to benefits for veterans: increased funding for the VA


  • Veterans should receive adequate/substantial aid for substance abuse rehab and therapy for PTSD


  • There needs to be better housing assistance to prevent veterans from experiencing homelessness


How the American people benefit:

Election Integrity

  • Open source block chain (software code) 


  • For every single election we must have hand counted paper ballots.


  • Create a citizen review board to oversee how we conduct our elections. 


  • Ensure that we treat election integrity as a real issue and not just a conspiracy theory. 


  • Mandatory audits


  • Mandatory exit polling? If it’s off by 1.5% then mandatory recount. 


  • Grace period before the election is certified. 


  • These policies will be for both Primary and General elections.


  • No third party or private proprietary software. 

How the American people benefit:

Peace Economy


  • Create a national database for police misconduct and termination. 


How the American people benefit:

Police Reform 


  • Create a national database for police misconduct and termination. 

  • Eliminate qualified immunity

  • Create a federal agency that administers a civilian review board for each police department 

  • Require body cameras and require an independent investigation if not in use

  • Ban “no-knock” warrants

How the American people benefit:

Excess Tax 


  • There will be a marginal tax rate on income exceeding over $400k. 


  • Implement a tax on assets worth over $5 million for an individual and $8 million per couple. 


  • Capital gains tax will be adjusted to the equivalency of income tax. In some instances they will be taxed slightly higher than income tax rates.

  • Inheritance tax ($1-$2 mil 20%) ($3-$5 mil 35%) ($6-$10 mil 45%)($11 mil and up 50%) / excluding life insurance


How the American people benefit:

  • These taxes will allow us to pay for key programs such as Medicare for All. This will close the wealth gap. This will help create more affordable housing programs. 

Women's Reproductive Rights

  • Free access to contraceptives'. 


How the American people benefit:

Firearm Accountability


  • Require universal background checks for every gun sale.


  • Ban 3D printing of firearms.


  • Funding for gun safety 


  • Close the gun show loophole

  • Close the “boyfriend” loophole


How the American people benefit:

  • Enhanced public safety while still respecting the 2nd amendment.

Free 4 year public college

  • Allow everyone to seek higher education by ensuring tuition free 4 year public college. 


  • Subsidize 50% of private college education. 


  • Relieve all 1.6 trillion dollars of student debt.


  • Make community college and trade school 100% free of cost.


  • Guarantee housing for all students, free of cost.


  • Provide a stipend for food and living expenses for all students.

How the American people benefit:

Get big money out of politics 

  • Ban the creation of “Super PACS” which are allowed to pour endless amounts of money into a campaign.

  • Support other candidates who don’t take any special interest money.

  • Hold elected officials who take special interest money accountable 


  • Bar elected officials from taking corporate money

How the American people benefit:

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